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L.A. L'ange pour Blender Magazine\Paris

I'm an American Photographer, living in Venice Beach, California. L.A. L'Ange represents my personal transformation while residing in Los Angeles for 15 years.

L.A. L'Ange, Athena, guides the destinies of her followers. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is represented by the olive branch, a symbol of peace and love, and was born wearing a crown. Today’s world is crying out for women with the energies of Athena, symbolizing a time for all women to arm themselves with her qualities and step forward to serve humanity with affection, joy and kindness.

Styling: Margalette Stephanie Audoin
Jewelry: Babylone Paris
Sunglasses: LaCoste
Dress: Mamz'elle Margalette
Model: Clarisse Le Rhun
First Assistant: Bruno Troadec
Location: Salton Sea and Joshua Tree

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